Friday, February 12, 2010

Filipinos may soon come to Guam without US Visa

Resolution requests Philippine visa waiver


In a unanimous vote at the Legislature yesterday lawmakers passed a resolution that includes language asking the federal government to allow visitors from the Philippines to come to Guam without a visa.

Sen. Eddie Calvo had included language in Resolution 275 to fight for a Guam-CNMI visa waiver program with the Republic of the Philippines, a press release from his office stated.

The resolution, sponsored by Sens. Rory Respicio and Judith Guthertz and Speaker Judith Won Pat, reiterates that Guam's priority concerns on federal-territorial issues must be addressed concurrently with the military buildup. But Calvo has tailored the resolution to include the visa-waiver issue.

"So many of our people have family living in the Philippines who have a hard time coming to Guam because of federal travel restrictions," he said.

Calvo, a 2010 gubernatorial candidate, also added a provision asking the federal government to provide greater access to health care in Manila. Finding No. 9 of the resolution asks the federal government to reimburse Medicare and Medicaid costs incurred by U.S.-accredited health institutions in the Philippines for services rendered to Guam patients receiving care there.

Also as part of the resolution, the Legislature is requesting the following be honored:

  • Establishment of a secure Guam-only visa waiver program;

  • Removal of caps from Medicaid and all federally mandated public assistance programs;

  • Allowing Guam to control its Exclusive Economic Zone; and

  • Exemption from the Jones Act, which currently requires all goods transported by water between U.S. ports be carried in U.S. vessels.

    The resolution will be sent to President Obama and Congress, according to the release.

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    1. China and Korea already enjoys this visa waiver program, can't see any reason why Filipinos can't avail of this program